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Hi there!

Hi, I'm Platy! Also known as Rachel. I'm a positive and hard working fantasy visual storyteller. In my free time my main personal project is a fantasy manga called Wellspring: Forgotten Roots. It's in the beginning stages of concept design and story development, but as for side projects I love making narrative illustrations, embroidering, sewing, snuggling with my cat, and aquaponics gardening. I currently work as a photoshop specialist for SwissWatchExpo, but am also proficient in Toon Boom Harmony and Maya. 

I'm on:

Instagram @platyadmirer
Twitter @platyadmirer
Twitch @platyadmirer
LinkedIn @ https://www.linkedin.com/in/rachel-cheek-platyadmirer/


You're welcome to contact me on any of those social media accounts. You can also click the social media buttons above to be taken directly to my social media accounts.